Healthy indoor air

The problem: Contaminants in the air


The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety of Germany writes on its website:

"Volatile organic compounds, commonly abbreviated as VOCs, can be found in every home (see also the results of the GerES German environmental health study). These are a large number of synthetic and natural substances, which discharge gases from various materials and products used in interior fittings and everyday items even at room temperature..." 

They also include nitrogen oxides (NOX), which pollute the air through emissions from motor vehicles or coal-fired power stations.

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Why is air quality indoors so important?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an independent US authority assigned to protecting the environment and human health, has found that the readings inside buildings for up to 12 organic contaminants are 5–10 times higher than outdoors – regardless of whether the buildings are in the countryside or in a city. A French study examined these volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in schools. A random sample showed that about 30% of children were exposed to higher readings than stipulated by the World Health Organization WHO.

Formaldehyde is probably one of the best known contaminants, which was included in most particle board or furniture made of laminated wood until the 1980s and even today it may evaporate from clothing, kitchen utensils and wooden toys and get into the respiratory system. They also include nitrogen oxides (NOX), which pollute the air through emissions from motor vehicles or coal-fired power stations.

How can a ceiling clean the contaminants in the air?


"Ceilings are among the largest unused spaces in a building. Why don’t we let them work for us and clean the indoor air? What works outside with roads, facades or roofs, Fibrolith acoustic panels can also do indoors."

How? With photocatalysis... The use of photocatalysis to clean the air has been a state-of-the-art solution in many building materials in Japan for many years. With the new Pure Genius coating, Fibrolith uses the natural effect with the aid of light to clean the air. Sunlight, which shines through the windowpanes on to the ceiling – but also artificial light from lamps – activates the air-cleaning function of our Fibro-Kustik PURE GENIUS™ panels. This means noxious gases such as VOCs (e.g. formaldehyde) and NOX (e.g. vehicle exhaust emissions) are removed from the ambient air. In addition, odors (such as cigarette smoke or cooking smells) can be reduced. The risk of microbial infestation can also be significantly lowered. This ensures healthier indoor air.

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The solution:  
Fibro-Kustik PURE GENIUS™

All Fibro-Kustik acoustic panels are optionally available with the Pure Genius coating.

Features and benefits

  • Acoustic board according to DIN EN 13168, WW DI dm / WI dm with indoor air cleaning effect
  • General building approval: AbZ 2-23.15-1622
  • Ecologically sound: Wood-wool, minerally bound
  • Very good sound absorption values of αw up to 1.0
  • Non-flammable A2 - s1, d0 as per DIN EN 13501-1
  • Flame retardant B - s1, d0 as per DIN EN 13501-1
  • High vapor permeability
  • Robust and resistant surface / Impact resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple applications and creative design (available in all RAL or NCS colors)
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Other benefits of Fibro-Kustik PURE GENIUS™

In addition to their air cleaning action, wood wool panels are in great demand in kindergartens or schools in terms of their architectural, acoustic and sustainable aspects. Especially when it comes to the volume that riotous children at play can make, they ensure you get some relaxing peace and quiet. The panels are made of natural raw materials and do not discharge any harmful contaminants. The wood at Fibrolith has been given the PEFC seal and is demonstrably sourced from ecological, economical and sustainable forestry. In addition, the panels have the environmental Blue Angel label.

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Indoor air up to 85% cleaner

The test procedure: ISO 22197-1
The air cleaning effect was demonstrated in a certified test to ISO 22197-1 standard in a photo-reactor developed by Professor Bahnemann of Leibnitz University Hannover (Germany).

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Fibrolith is also a member of the Federation for Applied Photocatalysis (FAP). You can also find interesting information about air-cleaning building materials and photocatalysis at


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Easy installation


The Fibro-Kustik PURE GENIUS™ boards can be mounted directly on substructures made of metal or wood, or with inlay mounting in a rail system. For different applications there are boards with different edge designs.

More Information: Technology and mounting